Daimler Protics Academy

Looking for an employer offering a range of career development opportunities?

Then you've come to the right place!

Daimler Protics GmbH has realized that the knowledge of the employees is a company's most valuable asset. This realization led to the launch of the Daimler Protics Academy in 2008. The purpose of the Daimler Protics Academy is the personal and professional development of the employees.

What is the Daimler Protics Academy?

The Daimler Protics Academy is an in-house training facility, the aim of which is to equip staff with the relevant skills to carry the company into the future.

Employees are promoted by a detailed human resources development concept which ensures that development programs meet their specific needs. The idea behind the concept is that "staff train staff". Experienced staff members give presentations and hold workshops in their specialist fields in order to bring their colleagues abreast of the latest developments. This offer is supplemented by input from external service providers as well as training courses (e.g. to qualify as a certified process manager).

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